March 26, 2019

Local Group Leaders: Secure A NDOR Proclamation!

Local group leaders have an important role to play in making the National Day of Reason a success. From holding fun events to educating residents about the unconstitutional National Day of Prayer and the more inclusive National Day of Reason, humanists at the local level can do a lot to celebrate this important day.

Another way humanists can get involved is to ask government officials to participate in the holiday. Every year the American Humanist Association and its members call upon government officials at all levels of public service and of all political parties to issue a proclamation showing their commitment to the separation of church and state. We are asking you and your local group to help get involved in this effort by speaking with your local city council, mayor, and/or governor and asking them to issue a proclamation.

Last year, the Governors of Rhode Island and Nebraska joined with several mayors and Members of Congress in recognizing the National Day of Reason. This was a historic achievement for the humanist movement, as it showed that government officials recognized our concerns about the National Day of Prayer and were eager to work with us in celebrating a more inclusive holiday,

Don’t know how to go about getting a proclamation issued? Below are some instructions that you may find helpful:

The first step in getting a government official to issue a proclamation is contacting their office and asking either to set up a meeting or for permission to send a sample proclamation and information about the NDOR. During your meeting, tell your local leader about the importance of this holiday to your group and your concerns about the unconstitutional nature of the National Day of Prayer. You can also direct them to the official NDOR website at to answer any additional questions they might have.

From there, your local government official is likely going to need a few days to process the information before making a decision about whether or not to issue a proclamation. Be sure to follow up with them a few days after your meeting or after sending information about the NDOR; government offices are sometimes slow to respond unless they feel their constituents are paying close attention to their progress!

The American Humanist Association is here to help in all your NDOR preparations.

The AHA can provide assistance in your effort to get a local or state official to issue a proclamation, from answering questions about the NDOR’s history to assisting in logistical planning. We are also eager to assist in your efforts to create and register your events for the NDOR. Questions about local NDOR events can be directed to and inquires about lobbying government officials can be directed to Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.