July 16, 2018

National Day of Reason and Apostasy

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10:00 am - 1:30 pm

Cleveland Public Square

Sponsored by the Cleveland Freethinkers, the Center for Inquiry Northeast Ohio, and the Northern Ohio Freethought Society:

Thursday, May 2 has once again been designated as the National Day of Prayer. And once again, the federal, state, and local govts. have left the organizational duties for the NDP “observances”, to be held in cities throughout the nation, to the exclusively Evangelical Christian National Day of Prayer Task Force.

In order for anyone, Jewish/Muslim/Pagan/UU’s alike, to have their own NDP event recognized, they must sign on to a statement recognizing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and affirming that the Bible is the inerrant word of the “living God”. It’s bad enough that the non-theists of America aren’t even considered in the recognition of the NDP itself- but this has been taken a step further, and has been molded into an exclusively Christian “day of observance”.

Non-theists and secularists are countering the National Day of Prayer with a National Day of Reason.

For the past 2 years, we have staged a gentle counter to the downtown Cleveland NDP Task Force-sponsored observance. Only 3 of us took part in 2011; in 2012 we had 9. But the experience was rewarding and fun! Both years a number of people stopped by to talk- some sympathetic to secularism, some devout Christians, and others who were just plain interested in what was going on. We got a shout out from one of the Prayer Day speakers (endorsing our freedom of speech). Most of us had signs, none of which were offensive to the NDP people (or at least it seemed), and one of the signs had “One Nation, Under Zeus” as a touch of humor :)

Let’s get a few more members there this time around… lunch afterwards at Tower City.

See you there! :)

  • Guest

    I registered on the NDP Task Force website so I could ask why their “National” events are only for fundamentalist Xtians. I’ll let you know what their response is.

  • Sane Spirit