June 23, 2018

Flagstaff March to City Hall / Voter Registration Drive

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4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Flagstaff City Hall

The Secular Coalition For Arizona is organizing a collaborative and coordinated celebration of the National Day Of Reason across the great state of Arizona!

The Flagstaff Freethinkers is particpating by joining with Northern Arizona University’s Secular Student Alliance to celebrate reason on May 3, 2012. Starting at the union on campus at 4pm then walking as a group to the Flagstaff City Hall where we will demonstrate and hold a voter registration drive.

Goals for this event:  

1. Publicly advocate for the reason, reason-based government and the formal recognition of the Day of Reason by the State of Arizona, a petition that has been denied by Governor Jan Brewer.

2. Facilitating a voter registration drive, helping expand and motivate a reason-inspired constituency!

3.  Particpating in a state-wide effort to contact local, state, and national officials and specifically Gov. Brewer to ask them to advocate and particpate in reason-based, secular government and church-state protection