May 26, 2018

You Can Participate!

Whatever your group decides to do to participate in the National Day of Reason – big or small – THANK YOU for helping others join you in our march toward reason!

… Ready, go!


  1. Place your marker on the national map, filling in your contact information. You can always add more details later when you have your group’s plans in place.
  2. Buy or make your t-shirts, signs and other visible NDOR items.
  3. Encourage members to change their social media avatars to NDOR graphics (available here).
  4. Help educate others as to why separation of church and state matters.
  5. Have fun!

Here are some ideas for your group to do together on May 1, 2014:


  • Organize a march through some notable streets. In some areas, if you stay on sidewalks you don’t even need a permit.
  • Organize a rally, perhaps on the steps of a local courthouse, capitol building or in a park.
  • Encourage members to write Letters to the Editor saying why they are participating in NDOR and/or don’t like mixing church with state by a government-sponsored day of prayer.
  • Lobby your elected leaders
  • Wear “Day Of” yellow shirts wherever you go
  • Wear and/or display NDOR items found on the NDOR EvolveFish page
  • Change your social media avatar and cover photos to NDOR graphics (free downloads available)
  • Make your own signs from the free downloadable graphics on the NDOR page
  • Hand out brochures educating the public about separation of church and state
  • Bring in a speaker to talk about this not being a Christian Nation, as some think, or other topic
  • Mail elected officials copies of Secular Policy Guide (PDF) by Secular Coalition for America
  • Walk in your yellow Day Of shirts around a popular public area, such as a shopping mall, in pairs


  • NDOR dinner, all wearing Day Of yellow shirts
  • Go bowling together, or any sport, all wearing Day Of yellow shirts
  • Have a discussion group or book club meeting about separation issues
  • Have a game night in honor of reason, especially with games promoting thinking
  • Attend any sports event as spectators, all wearing the Day Of yellow shirts


  • Organize a blood donation drive
  • Organize food or clothing drives
  • Help by doing service in food kitchens or elsewhere while wearing NDOR shirts
  • Clean up a park or other area wearing NDOR shirts
  • Fund-raise for a secular charity such as Foundation Beyond Belief

You can see the lists could be endless. Have fun! Thank you for helping raise awareness of separation of church and state and the value of reason!

  • Mark Moore

    This is not well thought out. I am trying to get a group posted on the map. Finding how to wend my way throught he maze is unnecessarily difficult.

  • Tibor Machan

    I support, fully, such a day of celebration of reason but I don’t wish to join it with a celebration of various other (e.g., political) schools of thought.