December 17, 2018

Charlotte Mayor Issues Second Day of Reason Proclamation

Anthony Foxx, current Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina and President Obama’s nominee to be the next U.S. Secretary of Transportation, recently issued his second proclamation of a National Day of Reason.

Read the proclamation below and read last year’s proclamation here.

2013 Day of Reason Proclamation in Charlotte, NC (click for full image)


  • Humanist11

    What a great surprise! I’m probably moving to Charlotte this summer. I assumed I’d be surrounded by hard core religious, but now I have hope.

    • You have hope based on what exactly, perishable humankind?
      Those who do not believe in God will believe in anything. Do want you chief custodian of the law to believe in anything?

  • HumanKindForever

    I love Charlotte.

  • MuffinMan

    I support the day of reason but not because its an attack on the day of prayer (even though thats what its created to do) but because we all reason in one way or another. I can support reason and I can support prayer, and you should to.

  • A. Desiato

    Why does this day have to be an attack on the day of prayer? This is the kind of thinking that doesn’t belong. Leave religion behind forget it exit. Don’t talk about it, don’t criticize it, we would be just like them. They hate what is different, they hate freedom to believe in what is good for the individual. We as reasoning people need to realize everyone has the right to believe what they think is right for them.

  • A. Desiato

    I would love to be a part of this but I have a breathing problem which keeps me close to home.